Courses in the Strobel sequence must be taken in the following order:

Autumn​ ​Winter ​Spring
​1st Year ACC 101H​ ​ACC 102H ACC 303H​
2nd Year​ ACC 304H​ ​ACC 305H ACC 306H​
3rd Year​ ACC 372H​ ACC 393 recommended ACC 374H,
ACC 380H​
4th Year​ ACC 383H​ ​ACC 308H ​ACC 350H

"H" denotes Strobel specific section of the course listed. The courses must be taken as honors sections by students in the Strobel program (with the exception of the recommended ACC 393, which is not offered as an honors section).

ACC 393 is not required for the major, but it is recommended and may be used for Junior Year Experiential Learning in the Liberal Studies requirements.


ACC 393


ACC 393 is designed for students who already have or will soon have a position in an accounting or accounting-related field. Internship in Accountancy provides students with academically supervised work experiences, improving linkages between classroom efforts and the business world. Students obtain valuable professional experience and begin the process of networking with area businesses and professionals.
ACC 102 is a prerequisite for this class.