To provide for a maximum degree of flexibility with respect to their career search, it is recommended that students take FIN 310 in the spring quarter of their sophomore year and proceed as follows:

Autumn​ ​Winter ​Spring Summer​
​2nd Year FIN 310​ FIN 393 recommended
3rd Year​ FIN 202 ​FIN 330 ​FIN 380
FIN 311​ FIN 333​ FIN Elective​
FIN 320​ FIN 362​ FIN Elective​


This schedule will shift forward by one quarter if the student chooses to take FIN 310 during autumn quarter of the junior year.

FIN 393 is approved as both a Junior Year Experiential Learning course and as a Finance Elective. It may be used for either requirement or both. If both, additional hours may still be required. You should review your use of FIN 393 with your academic advisor in the Undergraduate Programs office.

FIN 393


An academically supervised working experience in a major financial institution. Registration in this program requires approval of the department internship director.
FIN 310 is a prerequisite for this class.