Graphic Art study bridges our two current departmental concentrations (Studio Art and Media Art) as a primarily two-dimensional art, which focuses on the following areas: photography, drawing, printmaking, text, digital imaging, web art, the graphic novel, and the artist book and poster.

​Course Requirements

ART 321


This course is a project-based, conceptually oriented exploration of digital photography stressing the uses of the Digital Single Lenses Reflex camera as a tool for image capturing. Class content includes an intermediate to advanced level of digital photographic processes, manipulation, lighting and printing techniques. Central to the approach of the course is an emphasis on thoughtfully and critically considering digital processes as an outgrowth of historically established uses of the medium.
ART 224 or instructor permission is a prerequisite for this course.

ART 323


An extension of the skills acquired in Beginning Photography with and emphasis on additional photographic formats and documentary situations. Materials Fee.
ART 225 or consent of instructor is a prerequisite for this class.