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May 15, 2017

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Students are required to follow the Academic Handbook and Code of Student Responsibility​​​​​

​DePaul's reputation and stature make it an attractive partner for many organizations and entities, but some uses of DePaul's name by others may not always promote the purposes of the university. All members of the university and the institution as a whole benefit when its name is well used and suffer when it is ill used.

The university takes a legitimate interest in the use of its name and logos for at least three reasons:

  • The university and its members have a responsibility to ensure that any implied association with the university is accurate.
  • Attaching the DePaul name to an event, project or publication implies a close connection with the university, usually sponsorship or endorsement. For example, such forms as the "DePaul Project on..." or the "DePaul University Guide to..." should be used only when they refer to activities for which the university itself or one of its delegated authorities is accountable. Involvement by individual faculty, students or staff members is not, by itself, a sufficient basis to title an activity as "DePaul" sponsored. Rather the activity must be one for which the university takes institutional responsibility.
  • The university and its members have a responsibility to ensure that the activities with which it is accurately associated maintain standards consistent with its educational purposes.

In academic endeavors under the supervision and control of university departments, centers, institutes, or programs, adherence to these standards is assured through the normal processes of review. In other activities, relevant standards of quality and appropriateness should be established and maintained. Even some projects that satisfy the standards of quality may not appropriately use the university name (for example, partisan political activities or outside ventures carried on by individual faculty, students or staff members; see Faculty Handbook).

The university and its members have a responsibility to protect its assets by seeking a fair share of the economic value that the use of the DePaul name produces. 

"DePaul University" has become a widely known and respected trademark. The commercial fruits of this fortunate reputation are largely attributable to the contributions of many generations of faculty, students and staff. Therefore they should be allocated for the benefit of the university as a whole. Any use of the DePaul name that may depreciate its long-term value should be avoided.

In accord with these responsibilities, the following standards regulate the use of the DePaul name by schools, units and individuals within the university as well as their use by individuals and institutions outside the university, as authorized.

The use regulated by this policy refers to the identification, statement or display of DePaul's name in any way that may reasonably be interpreted as implying endorsement, approval or sponsorship by the university or one of its units. Nothing in this policy is intended to discourage fair use of DePaul's name to comment on activities of the university or any of its units.
For the entire policy please check the University Secretary's website.