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Missing Student Notification Policy

Any member of the university community who believes that a student is a missing student should immediately contact DePaul Public Safety at (773) 325-7777. A “missing student” is a student who has been reported absent from the University for 24 hours or more without any known reason. Any other DePaul office that receives a report of a missing student (for example: the Dean of Students Office, Residential Education, College/ School offices, etc.) must immediately refer that report to Public Safety. Public Safety will promptly investigate all reports of missing students to determine the validity of the report. If the report of a missing student is validated, the designated DePaul office will, within 24 hours of receiving the initial report: 

1. Notify local law enforcement that the student is a missing student. 

2. If the missing student has designated an emergency contact(s), attempt to notify the missing student’s emergency contact(s) that the student is a missing student. An “emergency contact” is a person that a student chooses to designate in Campus Connection as someone to contact in case of an emergency. Students are responsible for updating all emergency contact information in Campus Connection. All emergency contact information is only available to authorized DePaul personnel, and will only be released for approved purposes. 

3. If the missing student is under 18, attempt to notify the student’s parent/guardian that the student is a missing student. Public Safety is responsible for communicating all validated reports of missing students to local law enforcement. Public Safety will work with Student Affairs regarding all reports of missing students. Student Affairs is responsible for communicating with a missing student’s emergency contact(s) (and if applicable, a missing student’s parent/guardian). In order to make students aware of this policy, including the student’s option to designate an emergency contact in Campus Connection, this policy will be summarized in DePaul’s Annual Safety and Security Information Report, in the Undergraduate Student Handbook, and in the Graduate Student Handbook.