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Registration and Credit Limits

Registration takes place according to a schedule pre-arranged in advance by the University Registrar's Office.  A student’s enrollment date is based on seniority according to the number of cumulative credits earned. Registration for the Summer and Autumn semesters takes place in the Spring.  Registration for the Spring semester takes place in the Autumn.  Students must use Campus Connect to register, add or drop a course.

Add/Drop Deadlines

Once registration begins, it remains open until the end of the add/drop period, which is two weeks after the beginning of each semester.

Course Changes after Add/Drop Deadline

A class may not be added after the last day to add a class deadline, which is published in the Academic Calendar of the College of Law.  A student shall not receive retroactive credit for any work completed by the student.  A student must register in advance, within the applicable registration period, to receive credit for any work completed.
A student may withdraw from a class on Campus Connect up until the end of the eighth week of the semester (the withdrawal deadline). Thereafter, a student who wishes to withdraw from a course must contact the College of Law Office of Student Affairs to request approval for a late withdrawal. Simply not attending class does not constitute a withdrawal. 
For any course dropped after the deadline to drop a class, but before the withdrawal deadline, a grade of "W" will appear on the student's transcript.  For any course that is approved to be dropped after the withdrawal deadline, a grade of WA (“administrative withdrawal”) will appear on the student’s transcript.  W and WA grades do not affect the student’s GPA.

Deadline for Tuition Refunds

Students withdrawing from a course at a date which is after 20% of the scheduled term will not receive any tuition refund. The deadline is published in the Academic Calendar for the College of Law.

Non-Classroom Credit Hours: 12-Credit Limit

With the exception of students enrolled in the Third Year in Practice (3YP) program, a JD student may earn a maximum of 12 credit hours for non-classroom courses. Courses that count toward the 12-credit non-classroom limit include the following: 

​Distance Education Credit Limit 

American Bar Association rules specify that JD students may earn a maximum of 15 credit hours toward the JD degree for distance education courses.  The College of Law offers both fully online and hybrid courses.  A hybrid course is a course in which some, but not all, of the instructional time is online.  All fully-online courses, and some hybrid courses, qualify under the ABA rule as distance education courses.    

Journal Credit Policy 

Students may receive credit for their participation on one of DePaul's approved law journals. For minimum and maximum credits allowed per journal, consult the designated Faculty Advisor or the journal handbook. Students may opt to receive fewer than the maximum allowable credits per semester, but all editorial board members must receive at least one credit for each semester of work on the journal. Journal credit is granted only to third-year members of journal editorial boards with the exception of the DePaul Law Review; second-year editors of the DePaul Law Review may also receive credit.  

Competitions: Credit and Approval Process

The College of Law provides students with opportunities to participate in simulated skills competitions and to receive course credit through the following approved courses: 

Any student team or student organization that wishes to participate in a skills competition outside of these approved courses must first receive permission from the Dean of the College of Law by submitting the Competition Statement of Interest available in the Student Resources section of the College of Law website. Each team must have a designated Faculty Advisor. DePaul students who participate in competitions are representing the College of Law and are subject to the policies and procedures of DePaul University.    

All participants in competitions must register for credit unless the competition is one for which credit is not granted. Course credit will not be awarded if the appropriate registration is not completed.

Auditing Classes

A JD or LLM student may audit a course only if the student registers to do so with the Office of Student Affairs. 

The following courses may not be audited: courses required for graduation, advanced writing courses, litigation skills courses, practice skills courses, clinics, externships, guided research, independent study and non-classroom pass/fail courses.

An auditor does not receive a grade in or credit for the course. Students may not convert from auditing to graded status or vice versa.  A student who has audited a course may not thereafter take that course for credit. A person not enrolled as a student at the College of Law may audit a course only with the permission of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs.

To register to audit a course, students register for the class via Campus Connect and file a request form in the Office of Student Affairs.​​​​