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Combined Bachelor's/Master's Degree Programs

DePaul offers a number of approved Combined Bachelor's/Master's degree programs. Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree Programs allow undergraduate students to apply for select graduate programs and begin taking courses in these programs while completing the undergraduate program in adherence to specific policies, rules and regulations. These programs require Committee on Curriculum and Programs (CCP) and Faculty Council approval. These programs are offered under two formats.

  1. Combined programs open to students in specific undergraduate majors:

    Students in specific undergraduate majors may apply to the combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program in a designated graduate program. Faculty from both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs have worked together in the design of these programs. To view these opportunities, see the current University Catalog’s Degree Requirement page under Undergraduate Majors for a list of programs. Majors marked with an asterisk indicate the availability of a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program paired with specific graduate degree programs. Information about the combined bachelor’s master’s program is included in the major field section.

  3. Combined graduate programs available to students in all undergraduate majors:

    Students in any undergraduate major may apply to the combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program in participating graduate programs. Faculty members from these graduate program have created the opportunity for students from any undergraduate major to pursue the combined Bachelor’s/Master’s degree leading to the master’s degree in their program. To view these opportunities, see the current University Catalog’s Degree Requirement page under Graduate Programs for a list of programs. Graduate Programs marked with a caret indicate the availability of a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program where any undergraduate major may be combined with these graduate degree programs.

Admission requirements and procedures for a combined bachelor’s/master’s degree program vary among programs. Students are responsible for completing the required application processes for both the combined undergraduate/graduate program and the graduate program as determined by the graduate program. In addition, students must maintain good standing as determined by the combined program to continue in the combined degree program. Students should consult the specific Combined Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree information listed in the Degree Requirement section of the University Catalog for program specific requirements.

Undergraduate students accepted into a combined Bachelor/Master program may apply at most 12 graduate hours taken as part of their undergraduate degree to their graduate degree. Students must be declared as participants in the combined program in the student system to have the course apply toward both degrees and to be assessed the correct tuition.

In order to be awarded the Bachelor’s degree, students must apply for the Bachelor's degree. Please note that students must complete the Bachelor’s degree in order to earn additional credits toward the graduate degree. Any graduate work beyond the designated twelve credits that students complete as an undergraduate will NOT apply toward the graduate degree.

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s degree, the graduate program reviews the student record to determine final acceptance into the graduate program. Students who meet the specified conditions required for full admittance to the graduate portion of the combined degree program will be formally admitted into the graduate program. If the requirements are not met, admission to the graduate program will be denied.

Students combining a Master’s degree with a Bachelor’s degree in an approved DePaul Combined Bachelor's/Master's Program will restart their GPA at the beginning of their graduate career.

Students who have been formally admitted into the combined Bachelor/Master degrees program will be assigned an advisor in the graduate program. In collaboration with the undergraduate advisor, the graduate program advisor is responsible for assisting students in choosing appropriate graduate classes which will apply to both the undergraduate and graduate degree and in the selection of any additional undergraduate prerequisite requirements to best prepare for the graduate program. Students’ admittance will be recorded in the student system through special undergraduate major coding, and their graduate degree requirements will be locked based on the term they started their graduate requirements as an undergraduate. Students who remain actively enrolled at DePaul and are making progress toward the degree will retain this requirement term. Students not enrolled for three or more consecutive terms at either the undergraduate or graduate levels will be required to apply for readmission and will be subject to the degree requirements in place in the enrollment term of readmission.

Please note that changes in graduate admission criteria or program availability may impact a student’s ability to be re-admitted into the graduate program. Students are responsible for following all graduate regulations including the limit on the time required to complete the degree and/or the applicability of how a course may apply to the graduate degree.

Students interested in pursuing this option should consult with the appropriate college or school as soon as possible.