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Graduation with Honors

​Graduation with honor at DePaul University is calculated on the basis of credit attempted at DePaul only. Transfer students must complete a minimum of 60 graded DePaul credits (excluding pass/no pass hours) to be eligible for graduation with an honors status.

A student who earns a cumulative DePaul University grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.850 will be graduated summa cum laude.

A student who earns a cumulative DePaul GPA of at least 3.700 but no higher than 3.849 will be graduated magna cum laude.

A student who earns a cumulative DePaul GPA of at least 3.500 grade but no higher than 3.699 will be graduated cum laude.

Honors status for the degree will be computed on the basis of all course work attempted at DePaul. Students who have been readmitted to DePaul under the Forgiveness Policy will be considered for graduation with honors based solely on the grade point average achieved after this readmission.

Competency-based programs in DePaul University’s School for New Learning do not recognize graduation designations such as cum laude or magna cum laude or summa cum laude.  

For academic honors conferred by individual colleges, schools, or departments, consult the appropriate college section of the University Catalog.​