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Students who complete a term and do not enroll for the following term at DePaul remain active and eligible to enroll until they are formally discontinued.  Discontinuation occurs when:

  1. The student does not register in the term for which they were admitted.
  2. The student does not register for three consecutive quarters (or for Law two semesters), excluding summers.  In these cases students must seek readmission.
  3. The student has not made progress toward the degree for three consecutive terms, excluding summers.
    Candidates for theses, dissertations and students on year-long study abroad programs are excluded from this rule.  In these cases, students must meet with a college academic advisor to get permission to register and/or seek readmission.

Note: Students in the School of Music, the Theatre School and the College of Law who need to take a term (or terms) off must consult their college office.