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May 15, 2017

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Students are required to follow the Academic Handbook and Code of Student Responsibility​​​​​

​Like the Liberal Studies Program, the Honors Program consists of between thirteen and twenty courses representing 52 to 80 quarter hours, the exact requirements determined according to the student’s home college and/or major. In general, requirements include a seven-course core, a science sequence, a three-course language requirement, a two-course art requirement, a Junior Seminar, and a Senior Thesis or Senior Seminar. Some AP and IB credit will count towards Honors core courses, science requirements, or language requirements. Specific requirements can be found within the student's college in the Colleges and Schools section.

Fine Arts Electives

When a student's requirements list "one approved applied, performance or studio arts course", students may choose from the following:

Study Abroad 

Study Abroad is particularly appropriate for students in the Honors Program and, though not required, is strongly recommended. Honors students interested in Study Abroad should plan to participate during  their sophomore or junior year and should make certain that they have fulfilled appropriate modern language requirements before that point in their undergraduate careers. They should meet with the Honors Assistant Director prior to their departure for pre-approval of course substitutions.  Coursework completed abroad may substitute for Honors Approved Electives.  

Experiential Learning

Honors students must meet the university’s experiential learning requirement, either through completing an internship, participating in a study abroad program, or taking a service learning course.  Students in the School of Education, the School of Music, and the Theatre School whose programs meet the university requirement in experiential learning will be considered to have met the Honors Program requirement as well.  

Multicultural Requirement

The Honors Program is committed to developing students’ knowledge and cultural awareness so they may respect and learn from difference.  Honors students meet the multicultural requirement by completing a designated Junior seminar in multiculturalism (HON 301). 

Honors Advising

All Honors students will work with an Honors advisor for academic planning and to schedule Honors courses in conjunction with their major requirements.  As a general rule, Honors students take one or two Honors courses each quarter during their first and second years of study.

Honors Associate Program

Students who apply to the Honors Program having completed between 64 and 96 hours of college work may qualify for the Honors Associate Program.  Students in the Honors Associate Program complete four Honors courses (no more than two at the 100-level) and an Honors Senior Thesis. They are also invited to participate fully in Honors co-curricular programming.  Interested students can pick up application materials in the Honors Office.  Students who successfully complete the Honors Associate Program receive the designation "Honors Program Associate" on their transcript.