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May 15, 2017

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Courses in the Religious Dimensions domain offer students the opportunity to explore the explicitly religious dimensions of life and culture. These dimensions are found in the culturally embedded narratives, beliefs and practices of particular religions, as well as in encounters with realities perceived to be ultimate or sacred. Through myth, symbol, ritual and doctrine, these religions not only provide order and meaning, they also carry capacities to challenge and transform individuals and societies. Intellectual and social maturity requires understanding the unique contributions, both positive and negative, of the religious traditions of the world to culture and consciousness as well as coming to terms with ultimacy. This Learning Domain offers courses with a comparative, thematic, or ethical focus, as well as courses in specific traditions.

Learning Outcomes


Below please find examples of courses previously offered for religious dimensions credit. For information on current offerings, please consult campus connection.

American Studies

Catholic Studies

History of Art and Architecture

Irish Studies

Islamic World Studies


Peace, Justice & Conflict Studies


Religious Studies