Most classes are offered over a ten-week period of instruction followed by an examination period in the eleventh week of the term and carry four quarter hours of credit. The unit of credit for quarter hours is defined as one hour granted for 45 minutes of classroom work per week in a ten week period of instruction. Exceptions include MBA core courses that are worth two credit hours and special courses that are offered across multiple terms.
A student may receive graduate credit for one 300-level Commerce course completed while a student in the graduate school of business with the specific, prior written approval of the department chairman of the student’s area of concentration. If an upper-division or 300-level course is taken for graduate credit a final grade of B or better must be earned in order for the course to apply toward the degree.
Course credit is earned if a student receives any grade of A through D. Duplication of courses or course work is not permitted except where a student is advised to repeat a course because an unacceptable grade was earned. Double credit is not given for duplicated courses. If a student receives a grade less than C- the student should consult the Minimun Grade Requirements policy in this handbook to determine if the course must be repeated .