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For All Programs

Residency status in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business commences with the first enrollment in one of its programs with degree seeking status.
A student entering the program with prior graduate-level coursework in business must submit a written request for acceptance of transfer credit. The number of courses actually transferable will be determined by the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.  A maximum of six courses may be accepted as transfer credit.  The actual number of transfer courses accepted will vary with each student in accordance with the residency requirement policy and the course waiver policy. Students may not transfer courses after matriculation.
The written request for acceptance of transfer credit must contain a course description or syllabus.  In addition, a bulletin, course catalog or statement of the school’s academic regulations may sometimes be required before a final decision of transferability can be made.  In such cases the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business will specifically request the additional material or information required for a decision.
Courses with grades less than C will not be considered for transfer to the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. Ordinarily, a course must carry at least four quarter hours of graduate credit to be acceptable for transfer. No more than two courses are acceptable for transfer in any one field without the written permission of the appropriate program director.  Transfer credit is not calculated into the student’s cumulative grade point average. Transfer credit is subject to the same six-year limit for validity as courses taken in residence at DePaul.