The flexible format of the MBA Program is designed for today's working professional.  This program allows students to choose their schedule according to their personal and professional needs.  Students may attend classes on a full-time or part-time basis, in the morning or in the evening, on any campus where the MBA is offered.  Students may take a quarter off if needed.

All of the core course requirements for the MBA are offered at the Loop, O'Hare campus, and online.  Required core courses are offered every quarter at the Loop campus but variably at the O'Hare campus and online.  All requirements are offered at least once each year.

Core Course Requirements (36 Credit Hours)

Concentrations and Electives

In addition to the required core courses, students have nine electives (36 credit hours) they can use to take courses in a specific area of interest.  These electives are typically used by students to select one or more concentrations in the areas  that offer the knowledge, skills, and abilities that best fit the student’s educational needs and interests. Students with an undergraduate degree in a business subject area may have fewer required electives.

Students in the Evening Cohort MBA program have nine required electives (36 credit hours) that offer knowledge in the areas of Management as well as Economics, Finance and Marketing.

If a student does not indicate a specific concentration of interest in the application for admission the student will be assigned to the Custom MBA concentration.