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Bachelor of Science in Business

​The Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB) is the undergraduate business degree offered by the Driehaus College of Business. The degree is composed of study in several areas of required coursework:

Business Core

The Business Core is a group of requirements focusing on professional business preparation to be completed by all students seeking the BSB degree. The specific classes a student takes for Core completion can vary according to selection of major or minor.  

Liberal Studies Program

The Liberal Studies Program is a set of requirements in which a student is exposed to liberal studies education through classes taken from departments and programs across the university. Students pursuing the BSB complete required courses in business ethics, business calculus, and business statistics through Liberal Studies requirements. 


In the major program, a student pursues specialized coursework in a business area. Some majors in the college require selection of a concentration to further focus the field of study. Majors can be declared at time of admission.  A major must be declared prior to graduation.

Open Electives

Open Electives allow a student to explore additional areas of interest or work toward a minor or second major. The selection of major or minor determines the number of open elective hours needed.

While not required for completion of the degree, students in the college are able to pursue additional opportunities for study such as minors, modern languages, study abroad programs, and internship-based courses. 

A minimum of 192 quarter hours of degree applicable credit is required for completion of the BSB. A student's degree plan and factors such as course selection, transfer credit, and major and minor requirements may result in a student exceeding the hours minimum. In addition to college and departmental requirements, all students pursuing the BSB are subject to university policies on degree conferral. ​