The purpose of the pass/fail option is to encourage students to seek educational experiences in courses which are not required in the student's program.

In conformity with the university policy on the pass/fail option, students in the Driehaus College of Business may take only Open Electives pass/fail and then only in courses outside of the student's major or minor program. Only one pass/fail per discipline is allowed.

Degree seeking students in the college must enroll for a letter grade in all parts of the Liberal Studies Program, the Business Core, and in all major or minor program courses. Students must be in good standing with a GPA above 2.000 in order to apply for pass/fail and may take a maximum of one pass/fail class per quarter. Grades of A to D are considered passing grades.

Please refer to the Undergraduate Student Handbook for the complete university policy on the pass/fail option.

A student must complete a pass/fail application in the Undergraduate Programs office for each course taken on a pass/fail basis by the application deadline published by the university in the Academic Calendar.