All students are expected to enroll in courses according to the deadlines posted in the University Academic Calendar. Exceptions to the enrollment deadline are rarely approved. If a student believes he/she has an extenuating circumstance that warrants consideration of an exception, an appeal may be submitted online via MyCDM.

Graduate students may enroll in only graduate level courses.  Graduate courses are numbered 400-699.

Online learning students MUST register for the appropriate online course section. Failure to register for an online learning section prohibits the student from online learning services, including exam proctoring.

Special Note: Students are NOT allowed to attend a course or utilize online course technology if they are not on the class roster.

CDM does not allow enrollment in closed courses and students are not allowed to attend any courses for which they are not enrolled. Students wishing to enroll in a closed course may elect to add themselves to the course waitlist in campus connect:

  • Waitlists allow students to be auto-enrolled in a class as seats become available.
  • Auto-enrollment from the waitlist occurs hourly during the first week of enrollment and two times per day until the last day to add a class.
  • All waitlists expire after the last day to add a class each term. If not enrolled by this deadline, students are no longer eligible to enroll.
  • Students are strongly encouraged to closely monitor their e-mail accounts if they have any waitlisted courses.