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The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is committed to providing all of its students with an education that balances in-depth study in select areas with a breadth of experience in the various disciplines that form the core of human knowledge. All programs of study share a commitment to the highest standards of academic quality, to a mode of study that nurtures critical thinking skills, to a self-conscious examination of questions of value and meaning, and to the development of those habits of the heart and mind intrinsic to a life-long and independent learner.

Our commitment is reflected in a faculty that is as strongly committed to teaching as it is to research. It is reflected in curricular practices that discourage students from concentrating in one subject area to the exclusion of all others. And it is reflected in the College’s encouragement of interdisciplinary areas of study, effective collaboration, and the development of leadership skills that can be applied across all areas of knowledge.

The College values and nurtures the distinctiveness of the Vincentian mission of the University. The interactions among its faculty and between its faculty and its students are characterized by sincere personal care. Significant portions of the curriculum speak to questions of social responsibility, ethical standards for behavior, and an active engagement with the people of Chicago and the world.