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Courses and Credit

Students must be registered in order to attend and receive credit for courses. The typical class extends over a ten-week period (or an accelerated five-week period in the summer). All courses carry four quarter hours of credit (2 2/3 semester hours), unless otherwise noted.

For students who work full-time, eight credit hours per term is the suggested maximum.

Graduate courses are numbered 400 - 799. Courses numbered 300 through 399 are advanced undergraduate courses that may be accepted for graduate credit within the limitations stipulated by the specific departmental chair or program director.

Students who want to enroll in undergraduate courses for personal interest while pursuing a graduate degree must submit an online application for non-degree seeking undergraduate admission found on the DePaul website.

Up to twelve quarter hours of credit (or not more than one-quarter of a program's required coursework) may be transferred from another institution, with the approval of the program director. Please contact the Graduate Student Services Office for details.