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Probation and Dismissal

Each program may have its own probation and dismissal policies. Please consult with your program first and if there are no program-specific policies then the following applies.

A student is subject to probation as soon as his/her graduate GPA falls below 2.500. The student remains on probation until four more courses are taken, at which time another evaluation is made. If, at that time, the student has failed to raise his/her GPA to the required level of 2.500 the student may be dismissed.

A student who has been dismissed may, after a period of time, petition for reinstatement. The petition, addressed to the dean of the college, would provide information that would demonstrate a change in the student’s circumstances to an extent that would support successful completion of the student’s degree program. The dean’s decision, based upon the merits of the petition and the recommendation of the faculty of the student’s department, may, if favorable, stipulate conditions of reinstatement.