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The Department of Art, Media, and Design (AMD) offers a general studio and/or a specialized studio curriculum which identifies and promotes continuing contact with the enduring values of our artistic heritage and the application of these values to the future. The educational aim of the department is to provide, through individualized mentoring, a broad foundation in artistic practice and art culture and history studies. The curriculum emphasizes project-based learning through art making, problem solving, and experimentation in studio courses, and through the development of the student artistic voice.

In the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art, Media, and Design students choose one out of three concentrations: Graphic Art, Photography and Media Art, and Studio Art. In the Bachelor of Arts in Art, students study a general studio curriculum with no concentration. There are also seven minors total. Available to non-majors: Graphic Art, Photography, Studio Art, Drawing, and Art; and available to majors and non-majors Creative Practice: Art & Writing (shared with English) and Illustration (shared with CDM). Students can take advantage of the small class sizes and personalized instruction from studio art, photography and media art, and graphic art faculty. Our faculty are visual specialists and practicing artists who analyze, organize, and give form to ideas and information. There are no art portfolio reviews required for admissions or to continue in a program.

Among area universities, the department now boasts two of the finest digital computer studios dedicated solely to studio and media arts with new Wacom Cintiq tablets. Our facilities feature a darkroom, two computer digital studios, a teaching critique space, wood and metal sculpture studios with 3D printing access, and dedicated studios for video, photography (digital and analog/film), digital/graphic art, sculpture, printmaking, painting, and drawing.