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​The study and practice of reading and writing literature are central to a liberal arts education and foster transferrable skills that are critical to success in virtually all professional and personal contexts.  The English department at DePaul boasts an innovative and engaging curriculum, a faculty of highly accomplished teacher-scholars, friendly and efficient staff, committed advisors, outstanding students, and exciting opportunities for internships and other co-curricular involvement.

The department's curriculum unites historical and theoretical perspectives in literary study with sustained practice in creative and analytical writing.  It encourages critical and creative thought, fosters research and communication skills, and develops a student's ability to negotiate diverse perspectives and points of view.

The English major undergraduate program--one of the largest in the College--offers two concentrations, Literary Studies and Creative Writing, as well as two minor programs, English Literature and Creative Writing.  Junior English majors interested in graduate study may apply to the combined bachelor's/master's programs in English or Writing and Publishing, and those interested in teaching high school English may apply to the TEACH Program, a combined bachelor's/master's program developed and taught with faculty in the College of Education.  

The department also houses two graduate programs, the Master's in English and the Master's in Writing and Publishing. Students in these two programs can elect to complete certificates in Teaching English in Two Year Colleges, Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL), Women's and Gender Studies, Publishing, or Digital Humanities.