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The Department of International Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, a Master of Arts (MA) degree, and a combined BA/MA program. We also provide a minor in International Studies for undergraduate students from other departments. 

Our programs are designed to equip students with the interdisciplinary approach, critical thinking skills, and international perspectives necessary to address real world challenges. Our faculty and affiliated faculty come from diverse academic backgrounds and share a commitment to fostering critical thinking through a rigorous interdisciplinary curriculum founded in critical social theory and international political economy.  

The BA and MA curricula are unique for their interdisciplinary approach to international studies and their commitment to placing the themes of power and inequality at the heart of academic inquiry. Unlike conventional programs that focus on international security and economy, our program addresses the economic in conjunction with the political and social. Moreover, all students are expected to develop and maintain proficiency in a language other than English. Students learn to think in more international and interdisciplinary contexts, to value social and cultural complexity, and to question conventional wisdom. As a result, our students often engage in activism and social justice work in Chicago, nationally, and internationally.

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