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The department houses six core faculty and two visiting faculty whose research and teaching interests include postcolonial theory, Middle East politics, critical social theory, migration and diaspora studies, gender and sexuality, critical development studies, international law, international political economy, and social movements. As an interdisciplinary program, we involve faculty from across the university in teaching classes, hosting events, and advising students. Affiliated faculty come from Political Science, History, Geography, Modern Languages, Latin American and Latino Studies, Anthropology, African and Black Diaspora Studies, Religious Studies, Educational Policy Studies, Environmental Sciences, and Women's and Gender Studies. Despite the varied teaching and research interests, faculty members share a commitment to examining the world critically through an interdisciplinary and international lens.

Kaveh Ehsani, PhD
          Assistant Professor (International Studies)
          Leiden University, Faculty of Social Sciences
Gil Gott, PhD, JD
          Associate Professor (International Studies)
          University of California, Berkeley
Daniel Kamin, MA
          Instructor (International Studies)
          Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs
Shiera Malik, PhD
          Associate Professor and Undergraduate Director (International Studies)
          Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
Michael McIntyre, PhD
          Associate Professor and Department Chair (International Studies)
          University of Chicago
Heidi J. Nast, PhD
          Professor (International Studies)
          McGill University
Shailja Sharma, PhD
          Associate Professor and Graduate Director (International Studies)
          State University of New York at Stony Brook

Affiliated Faculty

Clement Adibe, PhD
          Associate Professor (Political Science)
          Queens University, Kingston, Ontario
Eugene Beiriger, PhD
          Associate Professor (History)
          University of Illinois, Chicago
Winifred Curran, PhD
          Associate Professor (Geography)
          Clark University
Rocio Ferreira, PhD
          Associate Professor (Modern Languages)
          University of California, Berkeley
Euan Hague, PhD
          Associate Professor (Geography)
          Syracuse University
Stephen Haymes, PhD
          Associate Professor (Educational Policy Studies and Research)
          Miami University
Liam Heneghan, PhD
          Professor (Environmental Sciences)
          University College, Dublin, Ireland 
Scott Hibbard, PhD
          Associate Professor (Political Science)
          The Johns Hopkins University
N. Ginger Hofman, PhD
          Associate Professor (Anthropology)
          Purdue University
 Amor Kohli, PhD
          Associate Professor (African and Black Diaspora Studies)
          Tufts University
Patrick McHaffie, PhD
          Associate Professor (Geography)
          University of Kentucky
Kalyani Menon, PhD
         Associate Professor (Religious Studies)
          Syracuse University
Sanjukta Mukherjee, PhD
          Assistant Professor (Women's and Gender Studies)
          Syracuse University
Ogenga Otunnu, PhD
          Associate Professor (History)
          York University
Alex Papadopoulos, PhD
          Associate Professor (Geography)
          University of Chicago
Maureen Sioh, PhD
          Associate Professor (Geography)
          University of British Columbia
Rose J. Spalding, PhD
          Professor (Political Science)
          University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill