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​The Department of Philosophy serves the needs of the student who seeks an understanding of philosophical issues for personal enrichment, the student who desires a more fundamental appreciation of philosophy in support of law, medicine, business, and various academic disciplines, and the student who wishes to continue the study of philosophy at the graduate level. 

Through its courses and programs, the department acquaints students with various philosophical approaches and with basic problems posed by diverse thinkers. Courses have been designed to highlight both the humanistic and technical features of philosophy. 

The department also recognizes the important need for skills and training. Its courses in logic and analysis have been designed to help students become more perceptive in their experiences and more critical in their thinking. 

Further, the department is aware that, in our age of rapid change, society often tends to neglect the meaning and worth of the person. Courses are therefore offered that investigate and emphasize the dignity of the person.  By helping students understand the nature and grounds of ethical judgments, these courses aim to promote an appreciation and ordering of human values.

The department has designed all of its course offerings with the aim of both ensuring that our Liberal Studies courses remain responsive to the needs of the student who does not plan to specialize in philosophy and offering the student who chooses to major or minor in philosophy a rich and diverse curriculum. 

The department is particularly proud of its “Philosophy Circle,’’ an undergraduate philosophy club which provides a forum for the exchange of ideas between faculty and students.