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Academic Advising

Academic advising is an essential part of student success. The College is committed to helping each student form a unique and coherent academic plan from the three components of the undergraduate career: the Liberal Studies or University Honors program; the major and minor field(s) of study; and open electives.

Students declare majors, concentrations, and minors through Campus Connect.

When a student declares a major, a faculty member from that department is assigned to the student as an academic advisor. The faculty advisor helps the student understand the requirements of the major and how to choose non-major course work to meet the student's needs and interests. In addition, the faculty advisor may inform the student about internships, studying abroad, and preparing for graduate or professional school.
Faculty advisors work closely with staff professional advisors in the Undergraduate College Office and in the larger academic departments (see Advising Staff). Each student is also assigned a staff professional advisor from whom they can receive holistic advising.

Students can find the name and contact information for their academic advisors on Campus Connection.