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The College of Science and Health provides students with innovative, science-based curricula with a strong liberal arts foundation.  Our departments represent the natural sciences, mathematics, psychology, nursing, and health sciences, each of which is committed to providing the highest quality education. The College of Science and Health educates students with a strong Vincentian commitment to social justice and civic engagement. The college provides mathematical and scientific education/literacy for all undergraduate students within the University and participates in all aspects of DePaul’s distinctive Liberal Studies Program.

The College of Science and Health is dedicated to helping members of DePaul’s diverse student body reach their full academic and professional potential.   The innovative curricula supported by the college encourages active participation in research, internships and other opportunities that further prepare students for successful careers and as life long learners.  Faculty in the college embody the commitment to student academic and professional development through their quality instruction and by conducting meaningful, student accessible research.