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Courses and Credit

​No one is permitted to attend a class for which he or she has not been properly registered.  Credit is accumulated on the basis of quarter hours. The unit of credit is one quarter hour granted for 45 minutes of classroom work a week. Students must be registered in order to attend and receive credit for courses.  The normal class extends over a ten-week period (or an accelerated five-week period in the summer). All courses carry four quarter hours of credit (2 2/3 semester hours), unless otherwise noted. For students fully employed, registration for no more than eight credit hours in a term is the suggested maximum.

Graduate courses are numbered 400 and above.  Courses numbered 300 through 399 are advanced undergraduate courses. If listed in this Catalog, they may be accepted for graduate credit within the limitations stipulated by the specific departmental chair or program director.  Graduate students who want to enroll in undergraduate courses for personal enrichment while pursuing a graduate degree must submit an online application for non-degree seeking undergraduate admission to the Office of Admission.

For the master's degree most programs require 48 quarter hours of coursework.  When the program includes a thesis, no more than eight quarter hours of registration in Thesis Research will be counted toward the degree.  Specific requirements are listed in the departmental and program sections of this Catalog.

A combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program allows students to complete a maximum of 12 graduate credit hours as three courses while still an undergraduate student.  These three graduate level courses will count toward both the undergraduate and graduate degree programs.  Students must formally apply to a combined program in the spring of their junior year; interested students should meet with the Graduate Program Director of the program.  Students formally accepted into this program take a maximum of twelve graduate credit hours as three courses in their senior year.  Students must formally apply for undergraduate degree conferral via Campus Connect and be awarded their bachelor's degree in anticipation of continuing with their master's level coursework.  Please note that except for students participating in an approved combined Bachelor's/Master's degree program at DePaul, graduate courses taken while an undergraduate will not apply toward a graduate degree at DePaul.