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Liam J. Heneghan, PhD
               Professor and Chair
               University College, Dublin

Shawn Bailey, MS
               University of Montana

Judith Bramble, PhD

Associate Professor Emeritus
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill    

Bala Chaudhary, PhD

Assistant Professor
Northern Arizona University
Alfredo Gomez-Beloz, PhD

Assistant Teaching Professor

Graduate School and University Center of the City University of New York

Krista Johnsen Mikos, MS

University of Michigan

Christie Klimas, PhD

Assistant Professor
University of Florida

James A. Montgomery, PhD

Associate Professor
and Interim Chair of the Department of Health Sciences
Washington State University

Thomas J. Murphy, PhD

Professor Emeritus
Iowa State University

Mark J. Potosnak, PhD

Associate Professor 
Columbia University

Monica Richart, MLA

The University of Texas at Austin

Kenshu Shimada, PhD

University of Illinois at Chicago
Jess Vogt, PhD

Assistant Professor
Indiana University

Margaret Workman, MS
               Purdue University

Maya Zein, PhD
               Wayne State University

Affiliated Faculty

There are several DePaul faculty from other departments affiliated with the Environmental Science Program.   
Hugh Bartling

Public Policy Studies

STEM Studies

Michael Edwards

First Year Programs

James Fairhall


Randall Honold


David Jabon

STEM Studies

William Jordan III

Institute for Nature & Culture