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Academic Advising

Undergraduate Advising

Academic advising is a valued component of the student experience within the College of Science and Health (CSH).  It provides students with the opportunity to develop an academic plan that best fits their interests, strengths, and academic and career goals under the guidance of a knowledgeable and supportive professional staff advisor.

Upon declaring a major field of study in the CSH via Campus Connection, students are assigned to either a faculty academic advisor or staff advisor in the corresponding department or program.  Students who have declared a major should meet regularly with their assigned advisor within their program in order to complete their courses in a timely and efficient manner, discuss internship or career opportunities, learn of research opportunities, and plan for pursuing graduate or professional school.  Faculty advisors and staff advisors in departments collaborate closely with staff professional advisors in the CSH's Office of Advising and Student Services.

Taking courses without consulting an advisor may lead to credits that will not satisfy CSH requirements for graduation. Those students who have not yet declared a major are highly encouraged to meet with either a staff advisor in the CSH's Office of Advising and Student Services or a staff advisor in DePaul's Office for Academic Advising Support prior to registering for classes each quarter.   

Pre-health Advising

The CSH provides pre-health advising to enrolled DePaul University students - regardless of their undergraduate major or graduate program of choice - who are interested in pursuing a pre-professional program.  The CSH's Office of Advising and Student Services has a dedicated pre-health staff advisor who works in conjunction with the CSH's Pre-health Advising Committee (PAC), a committee comprised of CSH faculty and staff who mentor pre-health students in anticipation of completing and submitting their applications to professional schools upon graduation from DePaul.  The PAC is also charged with writing committee letters of recommendation for students who are in the midst of applying to programs.

Research Advising

The CSH provides specialized advising to undergraduate students interested in exploring research opportunities.  A dedicated staff advisor works directly with students to help them identify a research match with a faculty member, to coach them on presenting and publishing their research, and to assist them with navigating the graduate school application process.

Graduate Advising

Academic advising is an essential component of student success.  Graduate program directors and other faculty work with graduate students not only on course selection and to monitor progress toward degree, but, more importantly, to serve as mentors and advocates through students' programs of study and research.

Degree-seeking students can find the name of their advisor in Campus Connect.  Non-degree seeking students should contact the CSH's Office of Advising and Student Services for advising support.