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DePaul University, founded on Judeo-Christian principles, continues to assert the  relevance of these principles through higher education to our students. The University expresses these principles especially by passing on the heritage of St. Vincent DePaul: individual perfection manifested through purposeful involvement with other persons, communities and institutions. The College of Education manifests these principles in its purpose, and through its programs.
As an urban institution, the College of Education is committed to improving primary and secondary education in the metropolitan area and, in particular, in the city of Chicago. Framed within a commitment to promote and support diversity, the College of Education prepares all of its students to be "Urban Professional Multicultural Educators" who: 

  • Promote positive transformation
  • Consider multiple perspectives
  • Integrate inquiry, theory, and practice
  • Exhibit Vincentian personalism
  • Function as life long learners.