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Graduation Requirements

Degree Conferral Requirement

In order for a student’s degree to be conferred, the student must complete all degree coursework and requirements, have a minimum 2.75 GPA, and meet the degree conferral application deadline for the quarter in which he or she wants the degree to be conferred.

Fall quarter deadline is October 1; Winter quarter deadline is January 15; Spring quarter deadline is February 1; and Summer deadline is July 15.

Requirements to Participate in Graduation Ceremony

To participate in the graduation ceremony in the spring, a student must meet all of the following requirements:

  • Complete all degree coursework by the end of the Spring quarter preceding the ceremony and have applied for graduation before the designated deadline.
  • Complete student teaching or have academic clearance to student teach in spring quarter.
  • Pass all licensure required tests (except edTPA) by April 1.
  • Have a minimum of 2.50 cumulative GPA.

Honors at Commencement Ceremony

Honors announced and listed at the Spring Commencement ceremony are based on the cumulative GPA of the end of the Winter quarter prior to the Spring Commencement Ceremony.  The final determination for qualifying for honors is made at the time the individual is awarded the degree, regardless of the announcement or listing at the ceremony.  The official designation for honors will be noted on student's transcripts and diploma. 

The determination for honors is based solely on the final cumulative grade point average.

  • Cum Laude - cumulative GPA between 3.500 and 3.699
  • Magna Cum Laude - cumulative GPA between 3.700 and 3.849
  • Suma Cum Laude - cumulative GPA above 3.850