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Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) Endorsement Only - Graduate Program

The endorsement is limited to the range of the program the candidate has completed to receive his/her Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL). For example, if a candidate has completed an elementary 1-6 program to receive the PEL, then the LBS1 endorsement will be applicable only to the 1-6 range.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for the Learning Behavior Specialist 1 (LBS1) endorsement only program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university and a valid Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL).

To apply, please submit the following materials to the Office of Graduate Admission:

  • A completed graduate application
  • Application fee ($40.00)
  • Copy of a valid Illinois teacher license
  • A bachelor’s degree conferred by an accredited, recognized institution
  • A previous grade point average of 2.75 or above on a 4.0 scale
  • Two letters of reference, one of which must be from persons familiar with your academic work
  • One official transcript from each college or university attended
  • Personal statement(see below)*
  • Resume or curriculum vitae showing evidence of adequate background for the program.
  • The admission process also may include an interview with program faculty.

 *Personal statement

Write a personal statement that discusses your future goals and your thoughts about your career as a special educator. As part of your statement please consider the following: the possible tasks/roles of a special education teacher are multiple and include inclusion specialist, team teacher with general educators, specialized instruction for exceptional students, advocate for exceptional students, response to intervention (RTI) coordinator, case manager or provider of staff development. From your perspective, rank order the tasks/roles and discuss your rationale for the top ranked roles.  

Course Requirements

LBS1 Endorsement-Only Requirements 16 hours required, grade of B+ or better required  

    Licensure Tests  

    All individuals licensed by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) are required to complete licensure tests specific to their teaching license.  LBS1 Endorsement students must complete the following tests: 

    • LBS1 Content Area Test (test #155) – assesses knowledge of working with students with disabilities and special needs.     

    Candidates who are conditionally admitted with an out-of-state (OOS) teaching license are required to transfer their license into Illinois, and therefore may also be required to take additional licensure tests.  Students should work with ISBE to fulfill outstanding test requirements.  These additional licensure tests may include the following:

    • Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP) (test #400) - assesses knowledge of reading comprehension, language arts, writing, and math. 
    • EdTPA – an electronic portfolio that includes video clips of instruction, lesson plans, student work samples, analysis of student learning and reflective commentaries.  Usually completed during pre-service student teaching experience.  

      Endorsement Application

      Individuals must submit an application directly to the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) upon successful completion of the required coursework and licensure tests.  All individuals must meet ISBE requirements at the time of application.  Requirements are subject to change per the discretion of ISBE.  

      Registration, testing schedules, and fees for ISBE licensure tests are available on the ISBE website.

      Note that the LBS1 Licensure endorsement program listed above does not lead to a degree.