Performance Awards

All students who receive performance awards must participate in ensembles as needed.  Failure to do so may result in the forfeiture of performance award dollars.  Undergraduate performance awards are offered for a maximum of 12 quarters, except for music education majors (13 quarters) or double majors (15 quarters).  Graduate performance awards are provided for a maximum of 6 quarters.  Questions about the performance awards may be directed to Mr. Ross Beacraft, Director of Admission.

Curricular ensemble requirements may differ from performance award requirements.  A student on a performance awards may be required to participate in ensembles different than or beyond their major’s curricular requirements.

Supplemental Transfer Credits 

Incoming undergraduate students: transfer credits

At the point of admission, non-music courses are reviewed and posted by the Transfer Credit Center. All music courses will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, and acceptable courses will be applied towards the degree program. The transfer of musicianship studies courses, i.e., theory, aural training, and group piano are contingent upon proficiency examination results. 

Current undergraduate students: supplemental transfer credits

Once a student has enrolled at DePaul University School of Music, only liberal studies or elective courses are transferable; courses in the specialization are not. Students should consult the transfer website in order to determine the transferability and applicability of courses.  If a current student wishes to transfer supplemental credits to DePaul from an institution not listed on the website, approval should be obtained from the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs prior to enrolling. After successfully completing the course(s) students must submit an official transcript to the Office of the University Registrar and notify the College Office.  It is important to note that supplemental transfer credits cannot be taken during the last 60 quarter hours of a degree, in accordance with the DePaul University residency requirement. 

Academic Probation

Students who fail to make meaningful progress towards their degree may be placed on academic probation.  Furthermore, students who do not maintain a 2.0 grade point average may be placed on academic probation.  Any student who is placed on probation will be notified in writing and should meet with the Associate Dean.                           

Academic Dismissal

Students who fail to meet the academic standards of the University or School of Music may be dismissed.  Any student who is dismissed will be notified in writing and should meet with the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  Conditions for dismissal and procedures for re-application are detailed in the University Student Handbook.


Any student who wishes to withdraw from the School of Music should first meet with his or her advisor and then the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs.  If the student is receiving a performance award, s/he should also meet with the Director of Admissions.  A student must submit a withdrawal/leave of absence form through Campus Connection, explaining the reasons for withdrawal.  If a student withdraws in good standing, s/he may reapply within 3 quarters without re-auditioning or re-applying; if a student is away longer than 3 quarters, s/he must reapply and re-audition to the School of Music, and is subject to the requirements current at the time of their application. 

Please refer to the School of Music Student Handbook for further information on policies and procedures.​​​​​