In keeping with the school’s concept of the dual importance of theory and practice and of producing a superior quality of instruction, The Theatre School’s faculty and staff are highly qualified, both professionally and academically. The faculty is regularly supplemented by accomplished working professionals.
In addition, visiting artists and professionals appear in our guest speaker series, CHICAGO LIVE: THE ARTS. Among them have been playwright David Mamet; actresses Celeste Holm, Florence Henderson, and Julie Harris; actors Rip Torn, Charles Durning, Ray Liotta, Jonathan Pryce, Brian Dennehy, and Laurence Fishburne; Chicago’s nationally known Steppenwolf Ensemble including John Malkovich, Jeff Perry, and Gary Sinise; the late comedian Avery Schrieber; director JoAnne Akalaitis, Anne Bogart, Frank Galati, and Paul Sills; and alumni Gillian Anderson, Joe Mantegna, John C. Reilly, and Kevin Anderson, among scores of others. 

Anna Ables, M.F.A.​

Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Southern Utah University

Deanna Aliosius, M.F.A.

 Chair of Costume Technology                                                                         Boston University

Greg Allen, B.A.

Company Creation
Oberlin College

Claudia Anderson, M.F.A.

Head of Voice and Speech
University of South Carolina

Jeff Bauer, M.F.A.

Principles of Design
Northwestern University

Jason Beck, B.F.A.

Assistant Dean
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Sheleene Bell, M.I.D.

Executive Assistant to The Dean
Harrington College of Design

Laura Biagi, Ph.D.                                                                                                                                Multicultural Guest Faculty                                                                                              New York University

Chris Binder, M.F.A.

Head of Lighting Design
Northern Illinois University

Suzanne Bizer, M.F.A.

Commercial Theatre Management
Brooklyn College

Barry Brunetti, M.F.A.

Head, Theatre Arts
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Linda Buchanan, M.F.A.

Associate Dean and Head of Scenic Design
Northwestern University

Dexter Bullard, M.F.A.

Head of Graduate Acting
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Richard Bynum, M.F.A.

Construction and Rigging
Yale School of Drama

Aaron Carter


David Chack, Ph.D. (abd)

Theatre Studies
Boston University

So Hui Chong, B.F.A.

School of The Art Institute

Timothy Combs, B.F.A.

Scene Shop Technical Director
Creighton University

Louis Contey, M.F.A.

Performance Workshop for Non-Majors

The Theatre School, DePaul University

Dean Corrin, M.F.A.

Associate Dean and Playwriting

Ohio University

John Culbert, M.F.A.

New York University

Victoria Deiorio, B.F.A.

Head of Sound Design
Syracuse University

Thomas Dixon, B.S.                                                                                                                                Sound Design II & III                                                                                                              Northwestern University

Deb Doetzer, B.A.


University of Massachusetts, Boston

Sally Dolembo, M.F.A.                                                                                                                             Head, Costume Design                                                                                                           Northwestern University

Tracee Duerson, M.A.                                                                                                                            Director of Admissions                                                                                                           New York University      

Patrice Egleston, M.F.A.

Head of Movement
Southern Methodist University

Mark Elliott, M.F.A.

Musical Theatre
San Diego State University

Myron Elliott, M.F.A.

Costume Shop Manager
Ohio University

Jason Fliess, M.F.A. 

Adjunct, Theatre Studies                                                                                    The Theatre School, DePaul University

Kristina Fluty, M.A. 


Columbia College, Chicago

Tosha Fowler, M.F.A.

The Theatre School, DePaul University 

Kevin Christopher Fox, B.F.A.

Performance Workshop
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Marc Frost, M.F.A

Naropa University

Joel Furmanek,

Technical Drawing

Andrew Gallant, M.F.A.


DePaul University

Linda Gillum, M.F.A.

University of Illinois

Vanessa Greenway


The Theatre School, DePaul University

Noah Gregoropoulous, B.S.


Northwestern University

Phyllis E. Griffin, M.F.A.

Voice and Speech
Goodman School of Drama

Sarah Hecht, M.F.A.                                                                                                                                  Performance Workshop                                                                                                         The Theatre School, DePaul University                 

Criss Henderson, B.F.A.

Arts Leadership Program
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Todd Hensley, M.F.A.

Lighting Design
University of Minnesota

Joel Hobson, M.F.A.

Production Management Seminar
University of Georgia

Carolyn Hoerdemann, B.F.A.

Performance Workshop for Non-Majors
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Chris Hofmann, B.A.

Director of Technical Operations
Adams State College

Shelia Hunter, M.F.A.                                                                                                                               Draper/Cutter                                                                                                                          Ohio University

Jim Jensen, B.A.

Theatre Management
Northwestern University

Nick Johne


Chris Jones, Ph.D.

Dramatic Criticism, Graduate Seminar
The Ohio State University

Janelle Jones, Ed. M.                                                                                                                                 Graduate Acting                                                                                                                      Harvard University

Linda Jones, M.A.

Group Sales Rep, Merle Reskin Theatre
University of Illinois-Springfield

Lin Batsheva Kahn, M.A.

Modern Dance
Case Western Reserve University

Jan Kallish

Theatre Management

Azar Kazemi, M.F.A.

World of Theatre                                                                                               The Theatre School, DePaul University

George Keating, B.F.A.                                                                                                                            Movement to Music                                                                                                                 The Theatre School, DePaul University

Nick Keenan, B.A.

Sound Design

University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Shane Kelly, M.F.A.

Head of Theatre Technology, Chair of Design and Technology
University of Delaware

David Keohane,

Administrative Assistant

Trudie Kessler, M.F.A.

Voice and Speech
University of California, Irvine

Damon Kiely, M.F.A.

Chair of Performance, Directing and Acting                                              Columbia University 

Ryan Kitley, M.F.A.

Performance Workshop for Non-Majors

The Theatre School, DePaul University

Cameron Knight, M.F.A.                                                                                                                         Head of BFA Acting, Shakespeare/Heightened Text                                                            University of Delaware

Jason Knox, M.F.A.

Sound Design

Purdue University

Matt Krause, M.B.A.

Business Manager                                                                                           DePaul University

Jessie Krust, B.A.                                                                                                                                     Box Office Manager                                                                                                                College of Charleston

Suzanne Lang, M.F.A.

Performance Workshop For Non-Majors
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Kelsey Lamm, B.F.A.   

  Production Coordinator                                                                                   The Theatre School, DePaul University

Reginald Lawrence, M.S.

Dramatic Writing for Non-Majors
University of Illinois, Urbana

Ed Leahy, M.F.A. 

Theatre Technology 

University of Delaware

Jen Leahy, B.F.A.

Assistant Technical Director
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Ross Lehman, B.A.                                                                                                                                  Graduate Acting II                                                                                                                   Pennsylvania State University

Jack Magaw, M.F.A.

Scene Design
Northwestern University

Josh Maniglia, M.S.

Technical Operations Manager
DePaul University

Brian McKnight,

World of Theatre

Marcelle McVay, B.A.

Head, Theatre Management
Northwestern University

Kymberly Mellen, M.F.A.                                                                                                                         Acting                                                                                                                                       The Theatre School, DePaul University  

Susan Messing, B.S.

Northwestern University

Kristin Morris, M.A.                                                                                                                                 Manager of Special Events & PR                                                                                            Royal Conservatory of Scotland

Daniel Moser, Ph.D.

World of The Theatre
Northwestern University

Carlos Murillo

Head of Playwriting, Solo Performance

Brigid Murphy, M.F.A.                                                                                                                             MFA Workshop                                                                                                                        Columbia College

Kimosha Murphy, B.S.

African Dance
Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Shade Murray, 

New Play Workshop

David Naunton, B.A.

Sound Design and Technology

Ripon College

Ernie Nolan, M.F.A.

Assistant Professor, Theatre Studies                                                                 The Theatre School, DePaul University

William O'Connor, M.A.

Adjunct, Theatre Studies

University of Chicago

Courtney O'Neill, M.F.A.

Technical Drawing 

Northwestern University

Tanya Palmer, M.F.A.

York University

Liviu Pasare, M.F.A.

Projection Design                                                                                              The School of The Art Institute of Chicago

Rachael Patterson, B.A.

Acting for the Camera 
University of Notre Dame

Coya Paz, Ph.D.

Theatre Studies
Northwestern University

Chris Peak, M.F.A.

Dramatic Literature

The Theatre School, DePaul Univeristy

Amy Peter,

Props Master

Aaron Pijanowski, B.F.A.

Technical Assistant 

University of Illinois, Urbana

Lisa Portes, M.F.A.

Directing and Artistic Director, Chicago Playworks
University of California-San Diego

Henrijs Preiss, M.A.

Media for Designers, Rendering
Central St. Martins School of Art and Design

Nicolas Sandys Pullin, Ph.D. (abd)

Stage Combat
Loyola University Chicago

Janice Pytel, M.F.A. 

Costume Design 

Northwestern University

Birgit Rattenborg Wise, M.A.

Costume Design and Costume Technology
University of Kansas

Clifton D. Robinson

Master Drummer/West African Dance

Maren Robinson, M.A.


University of Chicago

Michael Rourke, M.F.A.

Design Workshop, Lighting Technology
University of Virginia

Alan Salzenstein, J.D.

Performing Arts Management and MFA Arts Leadership
IIT, Chicago Kent College of Law

James Savage, B.F.A.

Sound Technology
University of Cincinnati

Mary Schmich, B.A.


Pomona College

Roche Schulfer, B.A.

Theatre Studies
University of Notre Dame

Ron Seely, B.F.A.

Master Electrician
The Theatre School, DePaul University

James Sherman, M.F.A.

Playwrights’ Seminar
Brandeis University

Kelsey Shipley

House Manager

Leslie Shook, M.A.

Theatre Manager
University of Illinois at Chicago

Rachel Shteir, D.F.A

Yale School of Drama

Rachel Slavick, M.F.A.

Performance Workshop For Non-Majors
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Joseph Slowik, M.F.A.

Professor Emeritus
Goodman School of Drama

Adam Smith                                                                                                                                            Sound Technology

Janelle Snow, M.Ed.

MFA Acting                                                                                                         Harvard University

​Noelle Thomas, M.F.A.

Survey of the Arts, Rendering

Northwestern University

Andrea Tichy, B.F.A.

Public Relations and Special Events Manager
The Theatre School, DePaul University

Phil Timberlake, M.F.A.

Voice and Speech
Virginia Commonwealth University

Krissy Vanderwarker,M.F.A.

Theatre Studies                                                                                                  The Theatre School, DePaul University

Alden Vasquez

Stage Management
Roosevelt University

Ann Wakefield, M.A.

Nantes University, France

John Ransford Watts, Ph.D.

Dean Emeritus
Union Graduate School

Joanna White, M.F.A.

Scenic Artist
University of Florida

Laura Whitlock, B.A.

Costume Technology
University of Northern Iowa

Jeanne Williams, B.A.

Coordinator of Academic Services
Columbia College

Sandy Wilson, B.A. 

Playwriting and Directing

Mount Holyoke 

Nan Zabriskie, M.F.A.

University of Minnesota

John Zinn, M.F.A.                                                                                                                                     Theatre Management                                                                                                             DePaul University

Dexter Zollicoffer, M.F.A.

Diversity Student Mentor
The Theatre School, DePaul University