​In addition to the DePaul University Graduate Student Handbook, The Theatre School Graduate Student Handbook includes requirements, rules and regulations for its graduate programs.

Upon admission to a graduate program, a student is to follow the catalog requirements in effect at the time of entrance. A student who is readmitted or who changes his or her program or enrollment status is subject to the terms of the catalog in effect at the time of readmission or status change.
As a graduate student you assume the responsibility to know and meet both the general and particular regulations, procedures, policies, and deadlines set forth in this catalog and handbook. This catalog does not constitute a contract between the student and the University. Every effort has been made to provide accurate and firm information. The University reserves the right to revise the content of its catalogs and schedules, and to change policies, programs, requirements, rules, regulations, procedures, calendars and schedule of tuition and fees; to establish and modify admission and registration criteria; to cancel or change courses or programs and their content and prerequisites; to limit and restrict enrollment; to cancel, divide or change time or location or staffing of classes; or to make any other necessary changes.