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Candidates interested in admission to any of the undergraduate or graduate programs of The Theatre School should contact The Theatre School Admissions Office at (773) 325-7999 or (800) 4DEPAUL (Extension 7999).  The office will provide each candidate with detailed instructions for the application and audition/interview process

Theatre applicants are responsible for scheduling their own audition (for acting) or interview (for all other majors), which can be done on The Theatre School’s website.  If, for any reason, an applicant is unable to reserve a slot online, he or she should contact The Theatre School Admissions Office directly.

The Theatre School only admits students for entry into Autumn quarter each year.  Enrollment in each area of concentration is limited by strict capacities.  In all of The Theatre School’s programs, students are evaluated annually by the faculty and formally invited to continue into the subsequent year.  The evaluation, a professional and confidential process, is based on four key elements: discipline, collaboration, professional potential, and progress in the program.  For more information about the School's policies about admission, retention, evaluations of students, invitations to return, and related matters, please see The Theatre School website.