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Winter/Spring/Summer 2016-2017
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October 15, 2016

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DePaul’s MBA concentration in Business Strategy and Decision Making will give you the framework for making business decisions in a disciplined and strategic way.  In this concentration you will learn how to diagnose strategic positions, evaluate alternative courses of action and make the best possible decisions based on your objectives.  You will accomplish this through extensive class discussions, case-study analysis and hands-on exercises.


In this concentration, you will gain knowledge and abilities to:

  • Create value for customers.
  • Correctly diagnose a problem or position, make the best decisions to improve upon this position and sustain the improvement.
  • Apply price and other strategies to gain a competitive edge and to enter or block entry to market.
  • Capture value in various market settings by positioning and differentiating products for profitability.
  • Innovate and reformulate entire business models based on networks, platforms and eco-systems.
  • Develop negotiation skills that are important in the economic and business world, as well as in day-to-day life.  

Career Outlook

This program is a fast-track career development option for managers who want the skills and abilities to make strategic economic decisions in a business environment.  Graduates possess skills that are applicable to almost any industry and can seek employment in fields such as banking, manufacturing, communications, insurance, retailing, finance, investing, transportation, utilities and consulting.
Core Requirements (varies with admission term and prior coursework) 24-48 hours
Concentration and Elective Requirements (varies with admission term) 24-36 hours
  Total hours required   48-72 hours