Prerequisite Requirements

Students must have completed one course in Principles of Microeconomics and one in Principles of Macroeconomics as well as differential calculus prior to admission to the MSEPA program.

Course Requirements

Students in the MSEPA program complete 12 courses (48 credit hours).  The degree consists of seven required core courses plus five elective courses. Students may apply for a two-course equivalent Research Fellowship, or in lieu of the fellowship students may take two elective courses.  New students will be admitted each fall.

Students may enroll in the program on a full-time or part-time basis.  Classes are generally offered during the evening.  The typical full-time student will finish the program in five quarters.  Students will be advised to take no more than three courses per term.  Students attending the program part-time will typically take two evening courses per quarter and finish the program in six quarters.

Core Courses (7 required courses)

Elective Courses (5 courses required) 

Research Fellowship

The research fellowship allows students to work full-time on Capitol Hill or some other executive branch, independent agency or nonprofit in Washington D.C. or elsewhere for 12-16 weeks.  Students will be immersed in analysis, research and policy making.  Students will also have a unique opportunity to develop an extensive network.

In order to be eligible for the fellowship, students must have earned a course grade of B or better in ECO 505, ECO 506 and ECO 507.  In addition to the academic requirements, students must also have departmental approval.

Degree Requirements 

  • Satisfactory completion of the college residency requirement.
  • Satisfactory completion of the 12 required and elective courses.
  • All courses for credit toward the degree must be completed within six calendar years after the candidate’s first term of enrollment in the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business. After a lapse of six years a course is expired. An expired course is not acceptable for the purpose of satisfaction of degree requirements and is not applicable to the degree without the written approval of the director of the program or the Kellstadt Graduate School of Business.