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Finance (MSF)

The Master of Science in Finance program provides students with the real-world skills necessary to succeed as finance professionals. Students develop a deep understanding of modern financial markets along with the instruments and tools used in the industry. Students learn to develop strategic financial objectives, improve investment decisions, design financial instruments, manage corporate risk and seize new business opportunities.

Program Features

Through the MS in Finance program, you will develop skills in:
  • Financial decision-making techniques and strategies.
  • Creating and developing solutions to complex financial problems.
  • Designing, using and evaluating financial tools and instruments.
  • Developing proposals for profitability and productivity.
  • Outlining and identifying strategic financial objectives.
  • Risk analysis.
The MS in Finance program is offered at DePaul’s Loop Campus, in the heart of Chicago’s financial district, allowing you to learn in the setting in which you will be working.  You will be encouraged to complete an internship and participate in extracurricular activities and seminars around Chicago.


Introductory Requirements (waived with applicable prior credit)
12 hours
​Degree Requirements ​48 hours
  Total hours required   48-60 hours