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Management Information Systems (MBA)

​The Management Information Systems concentration teaches you how to analyze and define information systems requirements in various business situations and, much like an architect; guide others to build to these requirements.  You will learn how to evaluate emerging disruptive technologies, how to align information technology with business strategy and how to address information systems needs from a business perspective.  This degree will prepare you for professional roles involving IT planning and strategy.  The program is ideal for business-minded, technically proficient students who may not have previous coursework or experience with information systems.


In this concentration, you will gain:
  • Project management experience involving a variety of information technologies and their utilization applicable to private and governmental organizations.
  • Knowledge of the information systems life cycle and the nature of related phases and tasks, from initial study through post-implementation support.
  • A thorough understanding of system requirements elicitation, analysis, documentation, validation and management.
  • Techniques for working with users and builders of information systems.
  • Tools for developing prototypes that use visual programming technology.
  • Experience with identifying organizational data to design and manipulate databases.
  • Integrated technical knowledge and understanding of business operations.​
Core Requirements (varies with admission term and prior coursework) 24-48 hours
Concentration Requirements (varies with admission term)
24-36  hours
  Total hours required   48-72 hours