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Learning Outcomes

​​Students will be able to:

  • ​​Determine the appropriate research methodology.
  • Create research questions that can be effectively answered with selected methods and/or available data.
  •  Design and implement a data collection strategy.
  • Analyze and summarize data collected in research study.
  • Conduct a literature review.
  • Write and successfully submit a paper to conference.
  • Write and submit a journal article.
  • Systematically access, analyze, and evaluate information and ideas from multiple sources in order to identify underlying assumptions, and formulate implications for technology and user experience design.
  • Create and support arguments using a variety of approaches.
  • Communicate findings clearly in speech and writing.
  • Use existing knowledge to generate and synthesize ides in original ways.
  • Design, develop, and execute significant intellectual projects.
  • Build a research portfolio that impacts the field of human centered design.
  • Set priorities and allocate resources.
  • Work toward goals independently and in collaboration with others.
  • Navigate interdisciplinary academic and industry environments by clearly articulating the importance of your research to various stakeholders and diverse audiences.