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Critical Ethnic Studies (MA)

The Critical Ethnic Studies Master of Arts prepares students for advanced analysis of race and ethnicity in an urban and global context. It provides an interdisciplinary approach to the studies of systematic marginalization of racialized minorities. It also looks at how racialized groups respond to and counter these forces through art, culture, political organization and other forms of social citizenship. 

This program uses an interdisciplinary social justice perspective to critique global and local configurations of power. We emphasize social justice and transformation while focusing on U.S. ethno-racial populations through an intersectional, transnational, and urban framework. Students apply critical theories to complex social and cultural issues. The program consists of a combination of core courses and electives and a final project or internship. Launched in the Fall of 2015, CES is the first of its kind in the nation. Admission is accepted on a rolling basis.

Certificate Options:
The MA in Critical Ethnic Studies may also be expanded to include select graduate certificate programs covering particular areas of interest.  Students participating in a combined MA/certificate program should consult with their academic advisor to determine what coursework might count toward both programs.  A separate application process for the certificate is required.  Students who are interested in any of the following combination programs should contact the unit offering the certificate for additional information.

Core Requirements 28 hours
​Concentration Requirements ​16 hours
​Final Project Requirements  ​4 hours
   Total hours required    48 hours