New Media Studies is an interdisciplinary field that studies the processes and platforms through which digitally-encoded media (photographs, text, audio, video) operate and circulate. New media studies is also the study of how digitally-encoded media products are combined into “new” media forms, such as web sites, webcasts, interactive games, graphic designs, and sales and technical information.. The Master of Arts in New Media Studies combines critical interpretation and hands-on practice in coursework to prepare its graduates to function as productive and responsible individuals in the evolving social contexts created by digital media.

The Master of Arts in New Media Studies will prepare students to engage new media by building:

  • The ability to gather, process, and communicate information on the Internet 
  • An understanding of the historic role of new media in shaping contemporary consciousness 
  • An ability to identify appropriate technologies to accomplish a specific communication need using the Web and other online delivery systems 
  • An ability to edit and manage content for web sites and social media platforms 
  • An ability to apply rhetorically sophisticated strategies for writing, editing, and producing new media content
  • A capacity to work well as part of a team charged with solving a communication problem using new media technologies 
  • An understanding of the relationship between "new" and "old" media 
  • An understanding of rhetoric and visual design—how visual, image- based communication differs from and interrelates with text- or language- based communication 
  • An understanding of the technical and practical logistics (planning, budgeting, scripting) of moving a project from idea to completion

The MA in New Media Studies is interdisciplinary in focus; although NMS is housed in Writing, Rhetoric, & Discourse, students are able to take courses from a wide variety of other units across the university.

The MA in New Media Studies may also be expanded to include select graduate certificate programs covering particular areas of interest.  Students participating in a combined MA/certificate program should consult with their academic advisor to determine what coursework might count toward both programs.  A separate application process for the certificate is required.  Students who are interested in any of the following combination programs should contact the Graduate Student Services Office for additional information.

  • New Media Studies + Digital Humanities Certificate
Degree Requirements 48 hours
   Total hours required    48 hours