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Women's and Gender Studies (MA/MSW Social Work)

​The joint MSW/MA in Women’s and Gender Studies offers a unique and cutting edge graduate program with a focus on gender, community, and social justice. Both programs share a synchronicity of mission and focus on social justice efforts at the community level and together they would provide an excellent foundation for developing a women’s and gender studies-based social work career trajectory.

The joint program is designed to give students the opportunity and flexibility to draw from the strengths of both programs as they build a foundation for their chosen work. The program offers both a broad understanding of social work, with a particular focus on community, and a substantive foundation in the theories and scholarship within women’s and gender studies, with a particular focus on social justice. Students will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in the field of women’s and gender studies directly applicable to their interests in social work and build their knowledge-based skills in social work while obtaining the necessary credential for not only securing employment, but the ability to advance their leadership in the profession.

MA Requirements 32 hours
MSW Requirements 76 hours
Total hours required 108 hours