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Communication and Media (MA)

The Master of Arts in Communication and Media offers an interdisciplinary program in which students can explore the impact of communication and media in a variety of contexts (e.g., popular culture, corporate world, interpersonal relationships, new media) and communication modes (e.g., digital media, film and television, performance, verbal and nonverbal). Flexible curriculum allows students to fulfill their unique academic and professional goals. The curriculum places heavy emphasis on the connection between theory and practice, through which students learn tools and frameworks to critically examine and resolve real-life issues around them.

By offering four distinct areas of concentration—media and cinema studies, organizational communication, multicultural communication and relational communication—the program is uniquely designed to harbor the underlying connections across multiple areas and simultaneously develop mastery in a specific concentration area. Students must declare a primary area of concentration and have the option to declare a secondary area.​​​

Degree Requirements                                  48 hours
​   Total hours required    48 hours