The Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology Program is one of four combined MA/PhD programs in the Department of Psychology at DePaul University. The program prepares students for careers in industry, government and university settings and focuses on the theory and techniques of selecting, evaluating, and developing individuals within an organization. Topics include personnel selection, performance appraisal, training and development, employee attitudes, motivation, leadership, and organizational theory. The program also allows considerable flexibility for the advanced student to pursue related disciplines such as management, information systems and marketing. The MA in I/O Psychology is a non-terminal degree. For a terminal master’s degree in I/O Psychology please visit our Combined Degree Programs page. Please note that the combined BA/MS degree is for current DePaul undergraduate students only.

The curriculum is based on the scientist/practitioner model of graduate education and follows two basic principles:

• The I/O psychologist must have a solid foundation in general psychological theory, research methodology and philosophy of science, in addition to knowledge in the content area of I/O psychology.
• The I/O psychologist must be aware of the contributions of other disciplines to the study of organizations and must have practical experience in working with formal organizations as a psychologist.

To develop the "practitioner" aspect of this model, the DePaul I/O Psychology Program encourages students to work in I/O settings within the Chicago area. The Chicago metropolitan area offers a rich environment for research and practice in I/O psychology; it includes more than 34,000 retail businesses, 14,000 wholesalers, 40,000 service organizations, 13,000 manufacturers and many other types of organizations. Adjunct and part-time faculty from these organizations can provide students with unique training and experience. The "scientist" aspect is addressed by encouraging students to participate fully in the research and publication process. We do not believe that students should be trained to be either academics or practitioners, but rather to have both sets of skills.

With its great Chicago location, DePaul University offers its I/O psychology graduate students unique opportunities for their education, research and applied experiences. Our strong faculty and alumni base enables current students to connect with the I/O community and to establish new relationships.

MA Degree Requirements 72 hours
​Additional PhD Degree Requirements ​24 hours
   Total hours required    96 hours