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Mathematics for Teaching (MS)

The purpose of the program leading to the degree of Master of Science in Mathematics for Teaching is to improve the quality of mathematics instruction and to offer a response to the shortage of community college mathematics teachers. This degree program is offered on an accelerated basis primarily during intensive weekend sessions and may be taken at the rate of two courses per quarter. However, students may proceed through the program at a slower pace depending upon their individual needs. The emphasis in the program is on mathematical content, but significant amounts of time are spent on methods of incorporating new teaching strategies and technologies in the classroom. The program is tied directly to community college curriculum needs and is directed toward bachelor's degree holders in other fields who wish to enter teaching.​​​​

Admission Information

This program is administered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences through the College of Science and Health.  Details regarding admission requirements, course schedules, and so forth, can be found by contacting the Program Director in the Department of Mathematical Sciences.  Registration for MS in Mathematics for Teaching program courses is open only to students formally admitted in the program or to those students who have the written authorization from the Program Director.

Degree Requirements 68 hours
   Total hours required 68 hours