Designed for the college graduate who wants to become a registered nurse, the Master's Entry to Nursing Practice (MENP) program provides the advanced education for general professional nursing practice and eligibility for the RN licensure examination (NCLEX-RN).

Program Goals and Learning Outcomes

The purpose of the graduate generalist program in nursing is to prepare qualified individuals for:

  • Licensure by examination (NCLEX-RN) required for entry into professional nursing practice
  • Advanced professional practice and leadership in health promotion and illness care
  • Collaboration and scholarship with others to meet the present and future health needs of society
  • Community service for vulnerable populations in the Vincentian tradition
  • Continuing academic and clinical education at the post-graduate and doctoral levels

The graduate of the program will:

  • Analyze nursing concepts, theories, and research to design, implement, and evaluate family-centered and community-based models of professional nursing
  • Develop a personal philosophy of professional nursing in the context of extant philosophies, nursing's history, and its evolution as a discipline
  • Enhance the diversity and harmony of each unitary human being in mutual process with the environment
  • Contribute to excellence in patient care and advances in nursing knowledge across the lifespan through advanced health assessment, evidence-based professional practice, systematic inquiry, planned innovation, and dissemination of information to consumer and professional audiences
  • Assume a leadership role within the health team and the profession for safe, effective, and affordable health care with individuals, families, and communities
  • Demonstrate autonomy, integrity, and social justice in professional nursing practice
  • Analyze professional codes and standards as a basis for professional nursing practice and service to a multicultural society
  • Use an analytical framework to evaluate information systems and technology in health care
Degree Requirements 107 hours
   Total hours required    107 hours