The Psychological Science Program is one of four MA/PhD programs in the Department of Psychology at DePaul University. The program prepares students for future employment in a wide variety of scientific, academic and applied settings. The psychological science faculty consists of members who conduct research in cognition, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology (infant, child, adolescent, and lifespan), social cognition, and social psychology.

Research experience is an integral part of the training and begins in the first year under the guidance of a faculty advisor. During their first two years, students plan and conduct research toward their master's thesis. Research for the dissertation usually begins during the third year. The program incorporates skills within the major content areas in psychology, and thereby qualifies students to work in a broad range of academic, research and business settings. Students are supported with competitive stipend levels.
MA Degree Requirements 48 hours
Additional ​PhD Degree Requirements 28 hours
   Total hours required    76 hours